December 20, 2016

Weight loss and detox after the holidays


Lose Weight and Detox

Trying to shed the excess weight and detox after the holidays? The average person can gain 7-10 pounds during the festivities and there are a few activates that you can do to help lose weight and detox your body.

First step to lose weight and detox is by drinking a warm cup of TLHR’s January Detox drink to help boost the metabolism, support digestion, and support the liver. We suggest making this drink warm to help the body digest food better.

January Detox Drink: (5 easy ingredients to detox at home)

Dandelion Tea (natural laxative, liver support)

Watermelon (powerful antioxidant, anti-aging)

Cucumber (natural diuretic, cleanses the liver and flush toxins)

Mint (powerful antioxidant, settles the stomach)

Raspberries (help with weight loss, vitamin C and B)

Second, set up a few sessions of Manual Lymphatic Therapy. Lymphatic therapy is a very soft skin technique that stimulates the lymphatic nodes and lymphatic vessels to contract. The lymphatic fluid is partly made up of biological waist products that is created by the cells. The lymphatic nodes contract about 6 times a minute, but research shows they can contract up to 60 times per minute with proper lymphatic therapy. “MLD” can help you lose weight and detox by stimulating the body’s natural detoxing system.

Also, talk to our herbalist and acupuncture to target your body’s specific needs. Each person faces a different challenge when trying to lose weight or detoxing. With a quick conversation we can custom make an herbal medicine to help your body reach it’s potential.

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