July 22, 2013

Special Packages

Father’s Day Gifts

Don’t forget about the man that makes life fun and adventurous. He needs a spa day! Give the greatest Father’s Day Gift that any man would want. Give him the deep muscle work that he needs with a customized pick-2 option.

Father’s Day Special Gift Package

Deep Tissue Massage: Work out the knots with a deep tissue massage and hot foot wrap with soothing foot massage.

Acupuncture: Treat the body for deep pain, digestions, and many other complications.

Men’s Facial: Every man needs to look great! This special facial is deigned to make any man look his best.

Cupping: Loosen sore muscles like professional athletes

Mix and Match any two service for only $99.00. This gives him the power to really determine how he wants to spend the day at the spa.

Call: 954-744-0018

Email: Direct2erin@gmail.com

We will send you and invoice and you can pay directly on-line with our secure Squareup.com credit card processing company.  We will then email you a gift card with any special directions you would like us to meet.




** Please keep and eye on our Facebook page.  We often send daily discounts or even ask for volunteers to test future service.




Holiday Gift Card #1: Signature Sakura Massage:

A 50 minute swedish massage service that includes aromatherapy, hot towel wrap,  freshly made organic foot scrub, heated back wrap, and heated neck wraps. Special 2015 price $80.00 when you buy two gift cards. Limited to two sets per client.

Holiday Gift Card #2: Fall Spa Package:

This is an 80 minute swedish massage service which includes raindrop aromatherapy, freshly made organic foot scrub with a hot towel wrap, heated back wrap, heated neck wraps and a facial massage that includes a cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, warm green tea mask, and scalp massage.  Special 2015 price $95.00

A Special Mother Gift Card:

This is a special package for our special mothers. We will provide an hour and half service that includes a massage with peppermint, rose, and sage oils. Then, enjoy a hot peppermint foot scrub and a hot towel wrap. We have also included a mini facial with a scalp massage. $84.00 for the 90 minute service.

A Spring Rain Package:

Let the spring rain shower you with this all inclusive package service.  A raindrop therapy  massage with more then 10 essential oils are applied.  We select  oils that are specifically designed to  meet your needs and maximize relaxation.  Then a freshly made foot scrub is applied,  while we use a facial massage techniques with the mini bamboo service, scalp massage, hot neck wraps,  and an eye pillow.  This is a 90 minute service for $140.00.

Lymphatic Facial Massage :

Is your face only skin deep?  Keeping a healthy and fresh look depends on your ability to remove toxins from underneath the skin.  Chemicals, surgery, and facials can not remove toxins from under the skin.  Only Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (MLD) can. MLD stimulates the body’s natural biological waist system to flush toxins that are deep under the skin.  The fluid between the fat, skin, and muscle is called interstitial fluid.  This fluid is dirty and full of dead cells, broken cells, dirty, toxins, ect.  The interstitial fluid can be flushed by manipulating the lymphatic system with a light massage.  The massage is pleasant and enjoyable.  In addition to the benefits of the MLD, the skin is also recoiled tighter through the skin stretch receptors.  The receptors can become relaxed and permit the skin to start to sag.  With this special technique, the skin stretch receptors tighten.

Service includes:

Facial skin cleaning, hot foot scrub, hot foot towel wrap, MLD for the face, neck, and abdomen.  This service is about 50 minutes and should be done at least once a month.  For a person new to the service, it is best to have weekly service for the first month, then continue on a monthly routine.  This service is priced at $125.00 with discounts for monthly members.

Weekly, Monthly, or Bi-weekly clients do receive a generous discount on services.

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