June 4, 2016

Weight-Loss Program

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Trying to lose weight and live a health life style can be frustrating.  Pills, potions, surgery, special programs all promise results with very will support.  We are offering a program that helps you change your life style while provided the support your body needs.  Many people fail to reach their goal because we live in a society that is designed to keep you addicted to food and sugar.

Receive Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Auricular and Food Therapy Education. We will support your weight loss through re-education of healthy eating habits and learning about the foods that are best for your body. At the same time, break addiction to sugar, flour, and wheat products and redevelop your meal preparation to a health amount of meat, veggies, and fats.

Normal Price: (per week price)                   Program

Week 1-4:      $180.00                     Weekly TCM, LMT, Food Therapy

Week 5-8:      $100.00                     Alternate TCM, LMT, Food Therapy

Week 9-12:    $70.00                       Alternate TCM, LMT

Monthly Maintenance: $100 per month, two visits of your choice.

We will also track your success with body measurements, before and after photos, and help you design a food plan that works for your lifestyle.  We will not become a dependency program, but more of a guidance to help you achieve long lasting success.

The Local Healing Room will help you lose weight and be happy and healthy and live a very long life.